Who’s your website really for? Psst..it’s not you.

The purpose of your website is to serve your customer (both existing and potential) – to meet their needs and inform them of your offering quickly & easily.

The first step in designing or revamping a website is to define exactly who it will be serving. When you know your customer, you can deliver content and an experience that satisfies them.

Ask yourself:

1. Who is my ideal customer? Who do you really want to do business with? What is their gender, age, location, income, interests. All of these aspects help to define the person you’ll be selling to.

2. Is there a problem you can solve for them? Demonstrating empathy, understanding and solutions can go a long way in building long-term relationships.

3. Survey past clients. What do they like (or dislike) about your products and services What value do you offer.

4. Listen to feedback. Is there a common response? If the majority is responding to certain aspects of your business, these may just be the points that are most important to highlight.


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