Building a website yourself?

Consider these tips from a web design pro…

If you’re thinking about creating a website yourself, here’s what I recommend for making things easier, and for an end result that will work for your brand & land you the customers you want.

Quite often people decide on the platform they want to use first (Wix, WordPress, Shopify), then they pick a theme and jump right in with designing out their pages. But that’s a mistake.

Its easy to get lost in the function of the theme and all the bells & whistles it brings. Instead of focusing on your brand, its purpose, and how both should be represented in your website, you’ll most likely become more fixated on the theme you’ve selected and work around its function & options – which ultimately waters down your brand and everything you’re actually trying to achieve with your new website.

If you want a great website that will bring you success, start with a pen and paper instead of the technology. Sketch it out page by page – what pages do you want? What do you want each page to say? What photos & graphics will you need? How will you include your brand – its colours, fonts, style and message? As you brainstorm and sketch things out, also keep asking yourself “Will this resonate with my ideal client?”

Once you have everything planned out, then move to the technology. Use your sketches as the blueprint to follow as you craft your new website. I guarantee things will run far more quickly and smoothly for you.

Plus you’ll end up with a website that you love but, more importantly, one your clients (potential & existing) will love too.


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