Need an affordable & fast website solution?

We all get it… If we have a business, we need a website – right? But not every business needs the full meal deal – especially if you’re not sure where to start, budgets are tight, or you feel just plain overwhelmed.

Microsites are the perfect solution.

So, what exactly is a microsite?
Essentially, it’s a single web-page that showcases the essence of your offering.

These sites can include: information about you & your business; your products or services; rave reviews from your clients; galleries; newsletter sign up; links to your social media pages; a contact form; Google maps and so much more. They’re crafted to perfectly reflect your unique offering.

Microsites will help you connect with the right audience, engage your dream customer, and grow your business.

Did I mention they can also be used as a landing page on either your current website (if you have one) or as a stand alone page to promote specific products, services and events – making your marketing efforts a whole lot easier.

Does this sound like you?

You see the creation of a website as an overwhelming and daunting task. You know you need one, but either don’t know where to start, maybe money is tight or you feel you’re just not techie enough to get the job done right.

If you’re still reading, there’s a good chance I know who you are. You’re savvy and ready to do what it takes to level up in your business. You’ve got this and I’m here to help.

We’ll take bite sized and simplified steps together. I’ve refined the design process for you and promise to do all the heavy lifting. All I need from you is a little bit of your time – so I can get to know you better, understand your passion & your business and make sure it all gets packaged up perfectly in a microsite designed specifically for you.


affordable & fast

Large multi-page websites take quite a bit of time to design and often cost thousands of dollars. A microsite is a fraction of the cost and much faster to launch.


never start over

I build your site as a foundation on which you can grow – adding pages and content when needed. Your site can grow as your business does, saving you time & money by never having to start from scratch again.


full control

Every site I build has a user friendly back-end making it easy for you to make changes as needed and giving you full control of your site. Not techie? Don’t worry, I’m always available to make the changes you need for you.


mobile friendly

Over 85% of people are using their cell phones & tablets to shop for products and services online. So, because of this, all of the microsites I build are mobile friendly.

Is a microsite right for you?

I’ve created an easy way to know if a microsite will work for you. Simply answer YES or NO to the following questions…

01. Do you want an affordable solution that will connect you with your dream customers?

02. Do you want an online presence that drive sales for your business?

03. Do you need help defining next steps, a strategic plan and implementing it all?

04. Do you like ice cream?

If you answered “Yes!” to more than 3 questions, a microsite is definitely for you.

Check these out!
Below are some of my most favorite microsites.

Click on the images to launch the live site.

Boutique By Design Microsites
Boutique By Design Microsites
Boutique By Design Microsites

Microsite – $995.00

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Canadian clients are subject to GST.

Package details…

If you need anything beyond what is listed, simply contact me & we can chat about options.

The Design

Your design will include:

  • An engaging and impactful design. Statistics show we have less than 2 seconds to capture the viewer once they land on your page. We’ll strategically plan how your visitor engages with your page. Through visuals and text, your offering, personality and brand story will unfold. The goal is to maximize engagement, resonate with the visitor, create a memorable experience and encourage the visitor to connect with you.
  • One area for introduction text.
  • One area explaining your brand, business, service, and/or products.
  • One area featuring you and/or your team.
  • Testimonials – we recommend providing between 2 to 4. We’ll sprinkle them throughout the design giving credibility to the content.
  • Visuals such as graphics, photos, colour blocking and other visual styling to support your text and enhance your online brand.
  • Contact form
  • Google map – optional
  • Newsletter optin – optional
  • Gallery (20 images max) – optional
The Function

You can expect:

  • Assistance with domain and hosting registration.
  • Installation of the WordPress software.
  • A user friendly dashboard where you can edit your site yourself if needed. Not techie? That’s OK, we’re always available to make changes for you.

Your microsite will:

  • Be mobile friendly. The design will gracefully adapt for all mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
  • We will ensure that it is compatible for the latest two versions of every browser – including Chrome, Google, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.
  • House site security software to protect your investment from hackers.
  • House SPAM control software to avoid hundreds of unnecessary comments.
  • Include automated back up software – so you always have a fresh & healthy copy of your site if ever needed.
  • Have social media links so your visitors can connect to your social media pages if they prefer.
The Finer Details

All prices include:

  • Research of your competitors and target audience.
  • An original design layout tailored especially for your brand.
  • Two complete rounds of layout revisions (prior to coding only).
  • Web development – bringing it to life online.
  • Two weeks of email support once your site is live to answer any questions you may have about your new site.

To keep overall costs low, the following is not included:
These can easily be added to your order. Quotes are always provided.

  • Photography – we can arrange custom photography for you or use stock images. Stock images are the most popular option with cost ranging from $0 to $30 per image.
  • Copy writing and/or editting services.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization to rank on search engines and driving traffic to your website.
  • Ecommerce.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Canadian clients are subject to GST.

Add Ons

Let us know if you’d like the following elements added to your microsite order.
Please note the additional costs.

  • Logo Design:  $495.00 – This package includes the original design of up to 3 logo concepts, 2 rounds of revisions and 3 final logo files (one for web use, one for print use and the original vector file).
  • Blog: $125.00
  • Event calendar: $185.00
  • Online booking system: $185.00
  • Pop-up newsletter subscribe box: $85.00
  • Additional pages: $220.00 per page
  • Custom photography: Starting at $495.00.
  • Stock photography: $30 per image.
  • Copy writing or editing services: $65 per hour.
  • Ecommerce: details will be required to accurately quote
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): details will be required to accurately quote
Need a larger multi-paged site?
I build sites of all kinds – from multi-page info sites through to full shop solutions and everything in between. If a microsite just isn’t for you and you’re looking for something larger, connect with me to discuss your details & get a quote.


Have a question that isn’t answered below? Contact us.

I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

When you use the “Book Your Site” button, a form will launch. There is a field for discount codes on that form. Simply enter your code and it will be saved when you submit the form.

Your discount will be reflected in your final payment invoice.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes. We ask for a deposit payment of $500 to begin the design of your microsite. The remainder is owed once your microsite goes live.

How do we get started?

Click on any “book now” button or this link and fill out the simple form that follows. Once we receive your submitted form, a deposit invoice will be sent. Your payment secures your spot in our schedule and starts the design process.

What do I need to provide?

In the initial design phase, a questionnaire will be sent to you that highlights all of the specific needs for your microsite and the elements that we require from you. You can expect to address the following with our guidance:

  • Registering for domain and hosting plan.
  • Providing a few samples of sites that you love, so we can get a sense of your preferences.
  • Writing the text for your site if you plan to do it yourself. Or we can arrange a copy writing service for you.
  • Providing any photos that you may want to include.
How long does the process take?

Below is the timeline for the design & build of a standard microsite. Each phase will be given a deadline date during the stage at hand. Factors such as delayed client review times, additional revisions, issues or hiccups in development, national holidays etc. all may effect the timeline.

Initial design for site layouts – approx 10 business days
Revision round #1 site layouts – approx 2 to 5 business days depending on the amount requested
Revision round #2 site layouts – approx 2 to 5 business days depending on the amount requested
Site development – approx 10 business days

Note: while we make every effort to adhere to the timeline above, please understand that development can be somewhat temperamental at times. Even the smallest glitch in a detail can incur hours of time to resolve. If there is a hiccup in the plans where an extension in time is required, you will be notified. Also please understand that your quote outlines the specifics of what will be included in the design, build and function of your site. Any new elements, function or service requested by the client that falls outside of the scope quoted is subject to additional charges. Also please understand that glitches that may occur with your hosting or domain service provider are not within our control. Should an issue with domain or hosting occur that requires our assistance, additional time and costs will incur.

What is the cost of domain & hosting ?

We highly recommend sourcing a business that supports WordPress and offers superior customer service. Most providers claim they do, but not all deliver. Siteground is the company we recommend. Their hosting plan is approx $4 per month and includes a free domain for the first year. Click here to learn more about Siteground.

Will I be able to edit my site myself?

Yes, that is definitely an option. With every new system, there will be a learning curve. Your site will have a user friendly dashboard that will allow you to access every detail of your website and make the changes you need.

I already have a logo, can you use it?

Absolutely! If you’ve already had your logo and brand designed, we are happy to include it in the design of your new microsite. All we need is for you to provide the logo files, brand colours and anything else we need to make your brand consistent with your other materials.

Who owns my microsite?

We ensure that your domain and hosting service is registered in your name using your contact information. This gives you full control and ownership of where your site resides.

We also create a special user access for your site that gives you full administrator rights and  full control over the design and function.

And finally, we never retain creative rights over the design and brand we create for you – your microsite is yours do with as you please.

Is the cost of photography included?

No, it’s not. We are happy to work with any photos that you provide and custom photography is also an option (additional costs will incur, a quote can be provided).

The most popular option is stock photography. We source stock images during the design process and present them to you within your layouts. You then have the option to change them or purchase them. Once the design is finalized and you love all the images used, we make the final purchase on your behalf and add the cost to your final invoice.

Stock photography ranges from $0.00 to $30.00 per shot. On average, we use between 2 to 5 stock images on a microsite.

Will you write my text for me?

Yes, we can. There will be an additional cost for copy writing or editing. A quote will be provided based on your needs. We are always happy to have you provide your own text if you wish to avoid the additional costs. It’s completely up to you.

What software will be used?

We will build your site using WordPress Software. This free software is installed on your hosting service.

Can we use Wix, Shopify or Squarespace?

For our microsites, we use WordPress software that is installed onto your own hosting service. We prefer not to build them on platforms such as Wix, Shopify or Squarespace because of the additional and unnecessary costs associated with those platforms.

That said, if you are looking for a larger multi-page site on one of the platforms mentioned above, please contact us to discuss your options. We’d be happy to create a custom design for you.

How will you support me?

Our goal is to build relationships, not just websites.

During the design of your microsite we offer guidance, tips and recommendations each step of the way. The creative process is symbiotic. Sure, we do most of the work, but never without your input. We’ll work together crafting a design that showcases your unique offering and allows for your brand story to unfold and wash over those who view it.

Once your site has launched, you’ll be added to a special mailing list for our website clients only. We’ll keep you up to date on the needs of your site – offering tips and reminding you of software updates. We’re always available to support you.

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