How to Create the Perfect About Page

(and why it’s so Important that you do)

Did you know that the “About” page on a website is statistically the second most viewed page of a website?

Today, more than ever, people want to connect with people. On a website the “about” page is where they can do just that.

This is your opportunity to build a relationship with your customer. More than likely the majority of your website will highlight your business, services and products. But what about the people behind the business?

Potential customers want to see the value you offer them, who you are, what you stand for, and the reason they should do business with you. So go the extra mile on your “about” page and leave your visitor feeling connected directly to you. Here’s a few ideas to make your “About” page worth the read…


Showcase the VALUE you offer your customer:
Sure, this page will be about you, but keeping the value you offer as your core message is the key to keeping them reading. This can be done in many ways…

If you’re a coach, you can share your own journey from struggling to finally achieving success. If you sell products, you may want to share why you use the products yourself and the lengths you take to ensure their quality. If you sell services, you might want to share your commitment to customer service and how it drives your business.


Be AUTHENTIC and share your STORY passionately.
Share why you started your business, how it makes you feel, your personal promise to your customers, and even how your customers make you feel. Avoid the sales pitch, instead be genuine and honest. The reader will see the difference immediately.

When you show up authentically & passionately, people notice. Relationships are formed when a reader connects. And those connections are what builds your business.


Make it Casual & CONVERSATIONAL:
Writing in first person allows the page to unfold like a conversation – which is far more relatable for the reader. Imagine you are sitting face-to-face with your client and telling them about yourself. What would you say? What words do you use? What is the tone? If you can translate these aspects of conversation into your About page, you will become more authentic and relatable.

TIP: Sometimes it’s easier to record yourself. Have a discussion with a friend about yourself & your business. Record it and then play it back. Capture those words, emotions and expressions in the text of your About page.


Include PHOTOS – they are far more powerful than text alone.
Absolutely include the professional head shots, but consider adding a little gallery that shows you or your team behind the scenes. Consider including photos of your hobbies, interests, family, friends, community support – anything that makes you relatable, authentic and interesting to your audience.


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