Colour Matters

Tips for choosing the right palette for your brand & business.

Did you know that colour identifies a business 80% more than any other design element? So it really matters what colour you choose for your brand and website. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a brand palette for your business

Know your customer: Every generation has experienced a colour trend. Men and women think of colour very differently. Everyone associates colour with different meanings/moods. Age also effects a person’s approach to colour. Make sure you pick colours that appeal to your ideal customer.

Know your competition: It might seem obvious, but sometimes people forget to check the colours used by their competitors. Make sure you are not using the exact same colours as they are. You want to make sure you look unique.

Know the limits: If you’re a colour lover, this is going to be hard. Too much colour can really overwhelm a brand palette. Its a good idea to pick one anchor colour (black, charcoal, chocolate, navy) and then one or two colours that pop and support your brand style.


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