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How to Create the Perfect About Page & Why it’s Important

How to Create the Perfect About Page (and why it's so Important that you do) Did you know that the “About” page on a website is statistically the second most viewed page of a website? Today, more than ever, people want to connect with people. On a website the “about”...

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4 Tips for Naming your Business

4 Tips for Naming your Business The name of your business plays a big role in your branding & marketing. Its not always an easy task to come up with the perfect one. Here’s a few things to consider to make the process a little easier…   01. KEEP IT SIMPLE:...

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5 Tips for Engaging Visitors on Your Website

5 Tips for Engaging Visitors on Your Website Make impact instantly. Give them a reason to stick around. Build stronger relationships with your visitor. It's a shocking, but true, statistic - You have less than 2 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitor...

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Colour Matters

Colour Matters Tips for choosing the right palette for your brand & business. Did you know that colour identifies a business 80% more than any other design element? So it really matters what colour you choose for your brand and website. Here are some tips to keep...

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Who’s your website really for?’s not you.

Who's your website really for?'s not you. The purpose of your website is to serve your customer (both existing and potential) - to meet their needs and inform them of your offering quickly & easily. The first step in designing or revamping a website is to...

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Tips for Building a Website Yourself

Building a website yourself? Consider these tips from a web design pro... If you’re thinking about creating a website yourself, here’s what I recommend for making things easier, and for an end result that will work for your brand & land you the customers you want....

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The easiest way to protect your website from hackers

The Easiest Way to Protect your Website from Hackers It takes 5 minutes to do. We all know that being secure online is essential. Yet, when it comes to our websites only a small percentage of us are taking the measures to protect our investment.   Hackers don’t...

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Why Personal Brands give Real Estate Agents the edge

Why Personal Brands give Real Estate Agents the edge. The real estate industry has never been more competitive. The internet, mobile devices, and social media have leveled the playing field. Now, more than ever, standing out from your competition will allow you to...

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4 Tips for Successful Logo Design

4 Tips for Successful Logo Design Learn what professional designers keep top of mind. Simply put, a logo identifies a business in a way that is recognizable and memorable. Consider these 4 tips for successful logo design... Memorable First impressions last forever....

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