5 Tips for Working with a Graphic Designer

Maybe you imagine your company’s website and printed materials brimming with multiple colors, big bubbly fonts and lots of images. These 5 Tips for working with a graphic designer will set you straight. Filling space isn’t the only criteria in design.

Do some homework before you meet with your graphic designer to save valuable time and money for your startup. Learn some communication short-hand before your first meeting, so you can communicate your ideas clearly and concisely, as well as be able to grasp your designer’s ideas.

TIP #01

What’s the Problem?

Contact a reputable graphic designer to solve your design “problem”: to get more customers to discover and purchase from your brand. Once you and your in-house team come up with the basic ideas about your business, you need to find visuals that appeal to visitors. All of this is the creative “problem” your business faces, so it is not a negative term, but simply a concrete way for your designer to approach the work.

TIP #02

Concepts and Design Solutions

Anticipate your graphic designer’s possible solutions to your design problems. Your graphic designer’s job is to convey your ideas, or creative problems, and bring your design dreams to life. Your designer will generate concepts, or design solutions, in response to your creative needs. Graphic designers often come up with three design solutions, based on your first meeting.

TIP #03

Keeping It Simple: White Space.

Talk to your graphic designer about keeping the solution simple, so the viewer can absorb your brand’s message through a simple image surrounding succinct content with the use of white space. The white space is just what it sounds like, the empty space within any creative piece of work where there is no content. Instead of adding other distractions, your graphic designer’s goal is to draw the viewer’s eye to your brand.

TIP #04

Understand the Creative Process

The first step is preparation, which entails the designers culling information from the data you provide, along with research the designer, or design team, has done on their own. All of this serves as inspiration for the project. The second step is the incubation period, where the designer absorbs the information you have provided and brainstorms with you or their own team to come up with ideas based on the preparation stage. Third is that exciting moment of illumination, where your designer comes up with the solution, and the fourth stage is implementing the idea to see if it is a solution for your problem.

TIP #05

Review the Mock-up

Take a glimpse at a preview of your graphic designer’s solution to your problem with a mock-up. Mock-up printing online is a convenient way to send projects to the print vendors. They’ll take your design and review it according to you and your designer’s specifications.



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