5 Tips for Engaging Visitors on Your Website

Make impact instantly. Give them a reason to stick around. Build stronger relationships with your visitor.

It’s a shocking, but true, statistic – You have less than 2 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitor before they move on to another site. Here are a few simple tricks to keep that visitor on your site…

1. Visual Impact: People see colour, photos & graphics first. They’ll “read” these elements long before they consider reading any text. So make impact with your visuals.

2. Signature Photos: Consider hiring a photographer and having a series of branded and unique photos that are unique to your business. Add these personal shots, that portray your brand story perfectly, to your site for that personal connection.

3. Quick Load Time: Make sure your images are optimized and load quickly on your site. You don’t want that 2 seconds to impress wasted by large, long loading images.

4. Easy Read: Believe it of not, but most visitors won’t be bothered to read your text. Keep your text short and concise. Break up long bodies of text into smaller paragraphs. Use headings and sub-headings that engage the reader – ask questions, make bold statements, make promises, solve problems, provide actions they can take. This approach lends to a deeper engagement and provides text in a format they’ll read easily.

5. Keeping Exploring: Adding buttons and links that lead to other pages within your site encourages your visitor to keep exploring all you offer. For example: “Book Today”, “Shop Now”, “See us in Action” – these all lead to more of your exiting content.


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