4 Tips for Naming your Business

The name of your business plays a big role in your branding & marketing. Its not always an easy task to come up with the perfect one. Here’s a few things to consider to make the process a little easier…



Make sure the name you choose is easy not only easy to remember, but simple to spell. Using a name that challenges people will mean you’ll have to market your business that much harder – and marketing is already hard enough!


You want to be able to use your full name everywhere – website, social media pages, advertising etc. The more consistent you are the easier people will find you. Abbreviations or alternations of a name sometimes occur. This is often seen when longer names are shortened to fit the character rule for social media pages or when your domain is already taken. The problem is when you shorten your name you actually look like a different business. Make sure you choose a name that is shorter so that you can avoid unique alternatives.


Sometimes creating a unique name works best. Remember that you can always explain your services, products and offering in other ways in your brand materials. Your business offering doesn’t always have to be perfectly described in your name. When you create a name that is unique, you have a better chance that the domain & social media platforms are available.

I love the company Bando. It’s unique, easy to spell and remember. The moment you land on their website or social media pages, you immediately understand their offering. It’s a name that they have supported with personality, brand story, and amazing products. The name just makes sense once you see how its supported in their branding & marketing.

AwwSam is another great example. Its a unique name supported with effective branding & marketing. Like, Bando, this brand oozes personality, vibrancy and fun. The name makes perfect sense.


Before you move forward with your name, be sure the domain is available to register and that you can also secure the name for your social media pages. This step is often overlooked and its really important. Remember what we outlined in tip 02, you want to make your name consistent everywhere you use it so people can find you easily.


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