4 Tips for Successful Logo Design

Learn what professional designers keep top of mind.

Simply put, a logo identifies a business in a way that is recognizable and memorable. Consider these 4 tips for successful logo design…

First impressions last forever. Logo designs should be unique, make an impact and be unforgettable. Take a look at your direct competition to start – what are the elements working for them, and what is not? Use that information to outline exactly what will allow you to stand out from them. Consider all of these elements as part of your brainstorming – the business name, tagline, color, fonts, and graphics.

Designs should be easy to scale, look great in colour as well as black/white & be easily reformatted. Simplicity is the key for an adaptable logo. It needs to have the same impact when scaled from half an inch to signage size.

A solid logo design will successfully adapted to all social media platforms. Square or circular designs work best.

An audience, at first glance, will understand with absolution, the nature and purpose of the business. Solid logos achieve this objective. It starts will a sound business name and descriptive tagline. Graphics, colours and fonts help to visually explain the personality and essence of your business.


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