Caution: 14 Signs Your Brand Needs Help

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You know that a strong and consistent brand is the key to business success. If success has not found you, then understanding how to make your brand fantastic just might be what’s holding you back.

The first step to fabulous is to identify the problem. Remember that if your business is in the public eye it already has a brand. Whether you intended it or not, your business has a look, a graphic system, a concept and a personality. But, is it one you are proud of and one that will bring you success?

Check out the list below and take note of your answers. The points you agree to are those that need attention – they might be the ones damaging your brand and preventing your success.

  1. You don’t understand branding and have ignored the fact you need one for your business.
  2. You think a logo and branding is the same thing.
  3. You do not use the same logo consistently on your website, printed materials, social media sites or blog.
  4. You do not use a consistent graphic system to represent your business – colours, fonts, graphics etc.
  5. Like your graphics, your brand concept changes from project to project.
  6. Your brand graphics and offering is the same as your competitions.
  7. You hate the look of your website, blog or other brand elements.
  8. You have not updated your online sites within the last year. (Does your copy right date still say 2009?)
  9.  You ask people to subscribe to your social media sites, blogs and newsletters, but then never offer anything of value in return.
  10. No one understands what your business does or offers.
  11. You are unable to describe your business using one sentence.
  12. You do not use your online analytics or insights as a guide for branding.
  13. You do not have a sales target. Or, if you do, you are not meeting it.
  14. The people you are attracting are not the ones you define as your “target” market.

If you agreed to any of the points above please know that this is not a sign of failure. It’s a signal for change. The most important thing is knowing where to begin to adjust and tweak. Grow your brand by tackling each point one by one. Branding is a critical aspect of business, and knowing what it means for your business is very important. You’ve already begun to grow and strengthen your brand by recognizing the need for change. Just think of how fabulous your business will be once your finished!
Need help? No worries. We are branding “geeks” at Boutique By Design. Branding is our passion and our business.  Just comment below with your concerns or contact us via email. We’d love to help!