Business is Child’s Play

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Every afternoon, during the school year, I find myself sitting on the sidelines of my kid’s life. It’s a place I find myself often. I don’t consider this position my station in life, but rather the place where I have the privilege of witnessing my children discovering themselves and their own lives as independent people.

Today I find myself on the wooden benches of the local gymnastics club. It’s not my first time. As I sit here watching the children valiantly swing from ropes, assertively scale the beam and throw themselves relentlessly into the foam pit that I realize…some of the most basic principles of business were learned as a child.

You have a great idea to start, enhance or expand your business, but “life” is holding you back. The old adage “you’ll never know unless you try” has never been so applicable. So dig down deep inside and find that inner superhero and when you do jump in two feet first with a resounding air of fearlessness.

Kids work hard, it’s their job to play and they do it well. Play and work…the equilibrium of life. You cannot successfully do one without the other.  Life’s plan dictates that we all must work in one way or another. This we all know. But playing is just as essential.

Like the importance of schoolyard friendships it’s always a good idea to make alliances in business. These may be mentors, a solid support system, or a fellow business from which you can find advice. Regardless of your business, partnerships, alliances & mentors are incredibly important. No one can do it alone! Do you have a business BFF?

Looking at my daughter, trimmed in glittering shades of pink and remnants of today’s lunch, there is no doubt in my mind that absolute faith in one’s self is truly the key to life…and business. The dull drum of “life” has not tainted her. In her mind anything is possible and she tackles each and every day with vibrant enthusiasm and unwavering belief in herself.  So learn to embrace the princess inside you, “she” will guide you further than you could ever imagine.

Look into a child’s eyes and you will see passion. That twinkle is fuelled by a zest for life, thirst for play, and an enthusiasm for every event of their day. Children “do” what they love because it simply brings so much joy. Shouldn’t our adult days be experienced the same way? When we are passionate we engage with our lives. The same is true for our businesses. Those who create a business from their passion will experience immense fulfillment and great success.

I thank my children every day for the privilege of being in their lives. Who knew that someone so young could have so much wisdom to offer? I invite you to take a moment to observe your own children in action. What is the greatest lesson they have taught you?