10 Tips For Market Day – Branding & Preparation.

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By Melanie Grace. Owner & Creator of Billycart Markets

Melanie Grace of Billycart Markets is considered an expert in the Market Day industry. She’s been perfecting the experience for many years now and offers her best advice on preparing your business for the big day. Here are her top ten tips for a successful market day…

1.  Branding is everything. Be sure your stall is professionally represented. Product should be organized without clutter and kept neat throughout the day. Use all of the space of your stall, height and variety will create interest and draw in passers by.

2.  Be sure to have plenty of business cards or small flyers and display them for easy access. If you have a website, make the address visible on all of your promotional materials. Mums (and their friends) love to shop online and you will get repeat and new business if they can find you easily.

3.  Providing branded bags is also a great way to not only make a lasting impression, but to advertise around the market place as well. Think of your bags like little walking billboards. Why not make your bags? Simply pre-purchase paper bags and attach your business card using a trendy printed ribbon in your business colours.

4.  Increase your marketing exposure. Have your letterhead attached to a clipboard and have a pen ready. Make sure it is visible on your table with two distinct columns – one for “name” and one for “email address”. Up the interest and encourage customers to “sign up to your emailing list for a chance to win” a displayed product which will be awarded via email the following week. Remember, the more names you are able to gather, the more advertising you can do later on.

5.  Everyone loves a bargain! If you have end of season stock you need to sell why not offer it at a discounted rate on market day. A sale is a great way to clear inventory.

6.  Size matters. If you are selling clothing, be sure to have an array of sizes, especially in sizes above 3 years if your designs allow. There never seems to be enough products for the older children 4-12 years.

7.  Mum’s of boys desire products just a much as those with daughters. However, products for boys are very hard to find. If you are a retailer of boy items, be sure to increase your inventory on market day. You will more than likely be very popular and sell out fast.

8.  Its always a good idea to remain at your stall to assist with potential customers, therefore make sure you bring plenty of food and drink to have during the day.

9.  Most markets are cash operated. If this is the case, be sure come prepared with adequate change.

10.  Above all else, smile and enjoy the day. You will be surrounded by incredible energy of like-minded entrepreneurs and by those who will embrace and admire your business. I cannot think of a better way to spend a day!

More about Melanie:
Retro chic & vintage hip – Billycart Markets is a unique boutique market shopping experience, offering stylish & unique products for little people. Located on beautiful Moreton Bay in Sandgate Brisbane QLD. Shopping for mum, unique experiences for the little people as well as handmade homemade & homegrown. We offer a complete family market experience, including live music, scrumptious food and amazing shopping. Be sure to visit the Billycart Markets website for market dates, retailer information and market details.